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VPER: Memorial Day Momentum Play
Friday, May 25 2012

www.PennyStockRally.com presents its early bird Memorial Day special that we plan on covering for the next week.

Viper Networks has been a significantly underperforming sub-penny stock for the past year. And we all know when sub-penny stocks take off, the returns are enormous.

However,recent stock action and company press releases reconfirming their real commitment to the LED industry, has us very excited about VPER once again, and we are issuing an Immediate Alert on the company.

Viper Networks, Inc.

Pinksheets: VPER

Recent price.....$.0034

52-week range....$.0004-$.0084

Avg. vol (30-days)....2,700,955

Market Cap.....$3.9mm

Fiscal year-end....Dec. 31st

Founded in the Fall of 2000 in San Diego, Calif.; Viper Networks has been pioneering VoIP

services and technology for over 11 years. During these difficult economic times, Viper has finally

begun to emerge as an international company with clients on several continents.

The Company’s network of VoIP gateways is capable of serving dozens of countries on multiple

continents, and is unique in offering both network services and equipment to its customers.

The Company is a provider of high quality and cost effective VoIP solutions for domestic and

international long distance customers in both the consumer and business markets. Secure reliable

communications continues to grow worldwide, where distance is not an obstacle but

communications cost and establishing infrastructure are.

This is especially true in regions of South Asia and the Middle East, where the Company has begun

to establish their greatest source of reoccurring revenue growth over the last 15 months.

Action Point:

Although VPER has been active lately in keeping investors updated via press releases, it was their release on May 8, 2012 that really caught our eye.

VPER announced that the Company has taken a significant step to enter the U.S. energy sector by signing a Letter of Intent (LOI) with Aequitas Energy, Inc., a profitable energy reseller based in Connecticut that will soon be operating in multiple deregulated northeastern states.

The vast majority of the Connecticut-based reseller's current broker energy source business is with one of the largest electric power generation companies nationwide. Additionally, Aequitas Energy is expected to begin operations as a reseller of natural gas in the near future.

The synergies, assets and key relationships that each company can offer; promises to create a rapidly expanding energy company that delivers energy power reliability, price stability and customer service excellence; along with the finest electric power efficiency standards nationally, new clean natural gas offerings and future renewable power choices, to include solar and/or wind power.

We believe VPER will go from the LOI stage to final funding, operating and ownership terms by concluding a binding agreement over the next few days.

And this week they announced that those efforts are paying off; Viper Networks Reports Strong Progress on Multiple Projects and Acquision Targets.

The time is now for VPER and with the fact that VPER will be completing their audits to graduate them to the OTC BB markets shows us they are ready to take this company to the next stage.

Begin doing your research immediately on VPER at www.ViperNetworks.com to learn about the recent updates.

Let’s jump over and talk about the price and volume of this this stock that makes it a true traders momentum play.

Momentum Play:

Over the past four trading sessions, VPER has achieved higher highs and higher lows, reinforcing our assumption that the stock is already running with the bulls.

As you can see on the chart below, VPER made a nice swing over the last few days where it bounced off of .0017 and closed at its high of .003. That’s a 76% swing.

Treat these highs at .0031 & .0037 as key resistance points that the stock will be looking to break and above the .0037 level, the next small wave of resistance is at .005, at which point you will be deciding whether to book a nice profit or continue adding shares as the stock continues to gain momentum. It’s a nice decision to have to make.

Please keep VPER on your radar today and over the next week as we believe it’s about to break out.

Happy Trading.

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