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Discover Why VEGA BIOFUELS (VGPR) Could Be Our MOST PROFITABLE Alert Of 2012!
Sunday, May 13 2012

Discover Why VEGA BIOFUELS (VGPR) Could Be Our MOST PROFITABLE Alert Of 2012!

As the 2012 Presidential Election gets into full swing, you can be assured that the topic of alternative energy and green fuel will be discussed repeatedly and Vega Biofuel (VGPR) is positioning itself for the worldwide explosion in the alternative energy sector.  VGPR is on the cutting edge of an alternative energy source and has strategized a plan that can lead to MASSIVE gains for shareholders.

We would like to take a moment to welcome and thank all of our new members that have joined the Rally since our last alert.  Our family keeps growing as do the profits from our alerts…now back to our stock.

When we research companies and speak with their leaders the one question that we always have to ask is, what is the market potential of the company?  Is the company in an industry that has maximized its market potential or is it in a new and popular industry that has barely scratched the surface?

VGPR is in the latter category.

VGPR is in the Alternative Energy sector and more specifically in the popular Biofuels industry.

The next time you’re with your work colleagues or in a social situation mention Alternative Energy or Biofuels and watch everyone’s ears perk up.

VGPR is in the right sector and their time is now!

VGPR is trading off its lows at $ .005. VPGR has had a 52 week high at $.31.

 We believe at these levels, we have room to make our members some serious returns.

Let us explain why this is the right time to add shares of VGPR:

VGPR is in the process of building a manufacturing plant that upon its completion will manufacture bio-coal from timber waste using a technique called torrefaction.  Basically the company will convert timber waste into an end product known as “bio-coal” which existing coal-fired plants can use without making any updates to their infrastructure. 

VGPR will benefit from domestic and global coal plants looking for green fuels to meet carbon cap and trade regulations for power generation.

Think about just some of the benefits of Bio-coal:

  • Bio-coal briquettes are cheaper than coal.
  • Oil and coal cannot be replaced.
  • Oil and coal have high sulfur content when burned, pollute the environment.
  • Bio-coal contains no sulfur.
  • There is no fly ash when burning bio-coal.
  • Bio-coal is easy to store and hygienic to handle.

Anytime a company with a new technology enters the alternative energy space, investors pay close attention.

With shares currently trading near their lows, this is the perfect opportunity for investors to cash in early, right from the beginning, as VGPR stakes its control of this industry.

Why VGPR Could Be The Biggest Pick Of The Year

VGPR recently announced plans for its 90,000 square foot manufacturing facility in Cordele, Georgia.

VGPR has completed an interim funding package that will help fund the design and engineering associated with its South Georgia bio-coal manufacturing plant.

VGPR recently showcased the benefits of its bio-coal product to power and energy firms throughout Europe.  The road show was very well received.

VGPR announced its plans for shipping bio-coal to European power companies.

Make sure to keep a close eye on VGPR tomorrow morning. 

Their time is now.

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