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04/25/2012 DRWN Update! +170% Winner on Huge Volume Increase!
Wednesday, April 25 2012
Tags: Stocks
DRWN 170% in one day--On to the next one.

Hello Again,

DRWN did it.  One day after we profiled the company, DRWN traded 60 million shares (a company record) and soared +174% from the previous sessions close.

We highlighted our reason to get involved in DRWN was an expected string of catalysts that seemed to be lining up in the company that would lead to a strong move.  Today we received news of the first catalyst:


We expect for DRWN to make several similar announcements in the near future which should drive the stock price considerably higher and this expected string of positive announcements should help sustain and accelerate the value of DRWN stock.

If you haven't shared DRWN with your friends yet, it’s not too late! Although you probably took your 170% profit in DRWN if you acted on our first e-mail, there is still plenty of room for your friends to profit as well.  As you saw today, DRWN held up very well and allowed for in-an-out trading all day which indicated that higher prices are in its near-term future.  Take a moment and forward this email to everyone on your contact list and share the wealth!

And while we continue to closely monitor DRWN, we always keep one eye on other companies which are setting themselves up for explosive moves like the one we saw today from DRWN.  As always, we have several stocks on our watchlist which are looking extremely interesting. We are in the process of doing our due diligence to determine which of these companies offer us the best opportunity to make money and we will share our decision with you very shortly.  Keep your eyes on your inbox and don’t miss our next alert.  DRWN and the +174% gain was a perfect example of how patience, doing your homework and picking the right company can pay off.
You will not want to miss out on our next alert!

The PSR Team
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